When I was eight

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When I was eight years old, I came to the mine and lived in a crowded slum on the side of the road. The children who grew up in the country were used to being mad in the breeze and green fields Cigarettes For Sale. When they came to the city, they felt like the birds locked in the cage without joy. Fortunately, we have our own way to relieve boredom. Several nearby hills have become our playgrounds. When we have time, we will run to the mountains. At that time, it seemed that I never knew the tiredness Parliament Cigarettes. The road to the mountain was not easy to go, the pits were smashing, and the coal ash was blowing. But as soon as I entered the mountain, it was like coming to the isolated Taoyuan. The flowers and plants, the birds and the worms, and the big trees have become our good friends. It was the most boring in the winter, and the mountains were bare and yellow, and we were not interested. When we woke up in the early spring, we crouched for a winter, and finally we could go to the mountains to scatter. The spring is cold and the barren hills have not been dyed by the green. Occasionally, one or two sapphire tiger flowers can be found in the dry grass of the sunny slope. At this time, the wild cloves that are not afraid of cold quietly swelled the flower buds. The barren stone mountains are not fertile, they are rooted in the cracks of the rock, and they are drilled in clusters and clusters. The one-meter-high flowering branch is purple, and when it is not blooming, it is as invisible as the wattle. When it is packed with pink and pink flowerbeds from top to bottom, then gradually grow small leaves, you know that they are Very beautiful and beautiful. There is a piece of flowers here, and some of them are blooming in the tomb, as if they are dying to the dead, and they do not feel wronged at all. At this time, we also forgot the fear, where the flowers bloomed, where to drill, and never take a big bouquet of flowers and never give up. Back home, we keep the flower branches in the clear water, and the low chambers are full of poetry. When you come back from school, you can touch it, smell it, and take a look. The plain and boring life has fun. At that time we didn't know that it had such a poetic name as wild cloves, only shouting it with mouse flowers. Why is it a mouse flower? We don't understand either. When I think about it, I figured out the answer. It is a mouse. As the time passed, the wild cloves on the mountain became lighter and lighter, and the way we entered the mountain became less and less. After many years, the wild lilac lost its homeland due to quarrying, land reclamation, construction, and so on. They are humble and self-confident, silently based on the barren hills and stones, struggling to take root and blossom and grow long leaves, but now even such places have been occupied by humans, and their graceful appearance is becoming less and less common now in early spring. Occasionally Wholesale Cigarettes, when I went up the mountain, I could see the wild lilac, which was pretty and weak, but only one of the two plants was lying on the ground. The clusters of wild lilacs were far away from our sight, only in the memory. To find.
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